Facials at Allure Aesthetic Center


Allure Express

A 30-minute treatment that decongests pores, leaving skin refreshed, hydrated and radiant. Includes deep cleansing, exfoliation, extractions and hydration. Excellent for teens/tweens 

$80 – 30min

Custom Facial

A 90-minute treatment that addresses a targeted concern such as rosacea, acne, hyperpigmentation and sensitive skin. Skin is infused with a cocktail of nutrient-rich serums, leaving skin revitalized and luminous.

$150 – 90min

Prior to Injectable Facial

A 30-minute express facial prior to your scheduled cosmetic injectable treatment. Includes: skin analysis, deep cleansing, and a customize treatment with homecare recommendation. Both services must be done on the same day. 

$80 – 30min


 A pain-free in-office anti-aging treatment that uses low-level electricity that mirrors the body’s own natural electrical impulses to give immediate benefits by tightening and smoothing facial muscles and connective tissues of the face for a natural lift. Microcurrent is an excellent companion to injectables, which extends the lifespan and longevity. Additional benefits include; flushing of toxins, softening fine lines & wrinkles, increased Adenosine Triphosphate (ATP), and product absorption. Great for all skin types including skin conditions such as rosacea. For maximum results, the recommended frequency of treatment is one series (twice weekly for five weeks). Maintenance treatment, if desired once weekly every 4-6 weeks.
Single service – $200
Package of 10 treatments – $1750
Add-on – $100


A non-invasive skincare treatment using low-level energy to heat the deep tissues of the skin without damaging the top layer, stimulating collagen, elastin, and hyaluronic acid production to reduce the appearance of fine lines & wrinkles, loose and sagging skin. Effects can last up to 24 months and create a more permanent result when paired with microneedling. An excellent service that targets loose skin for neck, chin, and fine lines & wrinkles between the nose and mouth. For maximum benefit, the recommended frequency is one series (10 treatments every 5 weeks). Maintenance treatments are once every few months or a year.
Single service – $200
Package of 10 treatments – $1750
Add-on – $100


LED light Therapy

An in-office treatment that can be paired with all treatment including injectables. Increases collagen production, stimulates healing, kills bacteria making it an excellent choice for acne clients, minimizes fine lines & wrinkles, reduces redness & calms inflammation, improves circulation in the skin which results in healthier glowing skin.
Add-on- $50



The Benefits of Treating Your Skin Right


Packages & Bundles

Allure Skin Fit


6 tailored corrective skin treatments to address a targeted concern. Includes basic home-care products to kick-start your skincare regimen. Treatments can include any combination of LED light therapy, microneeding, enzymes, and oxygen, just to name a few. Recommended for all skin types.  Includes basic homecare products.

Allure Power Fit


12 advanced customized anti-aging treatment to maintain skin wellness, addressing concerns of discoloration, acne, aging, and sensitive skin. Includes hand-selected medical-grade products to target a specific concern and improve the overall health of skin. Includes complimentary upgrades per session (hand treatment, decolletage, lip, eye, custom masks)


What They Say


My provider was Qiana and she did a dermaplaning facial on me. It was an amazing experience! The office was clean and organized, the staff was friendly, and Qiana was extremely knowledgeable and accommodating. She tailored the treatment to my skin and my instant results have been beautiful. I will be coming back! (:

Amazing service and value. Worth the 1 hr+ drive to come here. I tried microneedling with another spa in the area last year but they don’t hold a candle. Definitely recommend to those that have already tried skin treatments elsewhere and looking for a full experience.

Qiana Ross was my asethetician and she did AMAZING!!! From her knowledge to her facial, I truly enjoyed her!! Like I told her, “I live here now” :). I will most definitely be back. She makes you feel so relaxed and comfortable. Thank you so so much Qiana!!

A million stars would be too few.
Nice location, staff was accommodating, kind and knowledgeable. Services were of a good selection with competitive pricing. I’d definitely recommend to a friend!

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