Achieve Weight Loss with Appetite Suppressants at Allure Aesthetic Center

Appetite supressants are prescription medications that reduce appetite and are used on a short-term basis to treat obesity and promote weight loss.

Most of us can fail at diet because hunger wins the battle. Our center offers an effective combination of appetite suppressants and diet to make weight loss easy and free from hunger. Appetite suppressants make the body believe it is full. They block the hunger sensation by increasing two chemicals in the body – serotonin and catecholamine (affect mood and appetite).

The first step in our Appetite Suppressant Program is the physical examination by the specialist and blood test. We use only FDA approved appetite suppressants that can be prescribed by a doctor. Our physician will develop an individual meal plan based on your personal needs. The doctor will see you on a weekly basis for monitoring and consulting the entire time while you are taking the drug. Complimentary we will provide you with 4 Lipotropic Injections.

As with all medications, there are risk factors involved in taking appetite suppressants. Any side effects will be discussed with you at your initial visit.

Woman with Fork and Fruits
New patient first month program includes: $199

– Physical Examination

 – 30-day prescription for FDA approved appetite suppressant

 – Meal Plan

 – 4 Lipotropic fat burning injections

 – Weekly monitoring and consulting

Loose belly Fat
Extended Program (if necessary) $69

30-day prescription of FDA approved appetite suppressant

One Lipotropic fat burning injection

Weekly monitoring and consulting

Please contact our office to schedule a FREE consultation to determine which weight loss program is best for you.

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