Laser Tattoo Removal

No need to regret poor past tattoo decisions, as this Q-Switched (1064nm/532nm) laser “fractures” the ink particles into pieces small enough for the body to naturally break down. It can remove an array of tattoo ink colors with minimal risk (multiple treatments may be required in order to obtain full results depending on factors such as the age of the tattoo and the ink that has been used). It is particularly effective on black, blue, red and pink but fading will be observed in all colors to some degree.

Tattoo removal

Starting at
for 4"x4" spot
Laser Tattoo Removal


Fade/remove the appearance of tattoos.

Treatment Length

~30minutes – 1 hour, depending on the size and colors of tattoo.

Post-Treatment Healing

Immediately following treatment, the laser treated skin will look white and feel tender. This is soon replaced by redness and then scabbing, sometimes even minimal blistering (completely normal). It is important to keep the treated area moist and protected from the sun as it heals.

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